How to remove a tick / how to get rid of ticks ?

Tick is best removed with tweezers. Never remove the tick with your bare hands! This can cause infection diseases that fleas move. You should grab it close to the skin and pull it gentle or unscrew. The tick should be pulled from the body with one quick motion. It is important not to clamp the tick’s body with tweezers, as this may cause the introduction of its contents under the skin. Remove them in a direction opposite to that in which they are screwed. Ticks usually screwing to the right, so you should pull them out gently unscrewing to the left. If its head has left, you have to remove it in the same way. Even a small piece of the tick can cause infection. After removing the ticks best of all to burn them. You can do this when you have removed ticks! Ticks can live oxygen or water, and even stay alive being contained. If your skin rash after removing a tick – it may be necessary to examine it. After removing the tick with tweezers you should disinfect the wound, using some alcohol or hydrogen peroxide, salicylic acid, and thoroughly clean your hands with soap and water. The bite should be monitored for the next few weeks. Special characteristics such as redness around the wound, swelling – should be cause for an urgent visit to the doctor because it can indicate a growing danger that is Lyme disease.