My dog has dandruff – how to get rid of a dog

my dog has dandruff

Often dandruff occurs when your dog’s food is low in amino acids and unsaturated fatty acids, and if your quadruped dont have enough it causes not only dandruff, but also the poor state of his hair (fall out and brittle). Another factor mentioned is bad bathing, when are used inappropriate shampoos (never human!). If dandruff appears you can try to cure him yourself. The first step is to change its diet and observing are there any changes on the skin and hair. The best way is to avoid feeding your pet popular supermarket food and enrich the food with protein and unsaturated fatty acids without the addition of preservatives and improvers. how to get rid of a dogAs an example you can add a tablespoon of oil (corn, sunflower), olive oil or flaxseed, which also make dog’s hair better. Home treatment can take up two months at least. In case you do not see any effects of our actions you should reported to the vet because the dog dandruff can be the result of skin diseases. Remember that home treatment against dandruff can be carried out when it not accompanied by oppressive itching, rash or sores. If there are any more skin ailments apart from dandruff you should visit the doctor immediately.