My cat has dandruff

There are many causes of cat dandruff, never mind that you visit a veterinarian, many depend on owner care. Exfoliation process is affected by many diseases that generally could be divided into several types. First of all is a diet, especially deficient in omega 3 fatty acids, it can cause dry skin and exfoliation. You have to pay attention to the appearance of the fur, because it is a good indicator of the quality of cat food. Dandruff can also occur as an allergic reaction to a particular type of food or care products. Skin exfoliation and loss of elasticity is also the effected by dehydration caused, for example by diarrhea or vomiting, or too warm environment.  my cat has dandruffWhat’s interesting, the changes in temperature or season also cause dandruff. In winter the air is less humid than in other seasons, while in the summer when the cat spends too many times in the sun can make skin “burns” and cause the dandruff. Cat dandruff is often the result of diseases caused by parasites, which can unfortunately arrive in the summer. How to deal with the cat dandruff? First of all owners should be sure that the cat has always access to fresh water, which will provide him the adequate elasticity skin and prevent it from drying. The most important thing is to follow the diet and a good food quality. Regular hair combing with a brush or comb makes its skin much better. This is due to the action of the brush massage and better blood supply to the skin. However keep in mind that brushing should be gentle enough not to damage the surface layer of the skin.